Summertime maintenance may be time consuming but well worth it in the long run.

By now you have probably checked those outside faucets and made sure there was no freezing during the past winter.  Good time to pop into crawlspaces and double check that those faucets are not leaking.  When watering your lawns  check that the water is not running into the side of the house or that your patio does not puddle water into the side of the house.  If so, check into installing a French drain.  Do not leave it and hope that it does not leak into your house.  We do not have big issues with mold at our elevation but keep in mind that mold can still grow here so check that no water is creeping into your house.

We only have a few months of our beautiful Rocky Mountain Summers ~ Enjoy every minute of it outdoors and stay safe.

With all of your work outside you are going to need a refreshing drink. We enjoy suntea made with GoodEarth Sweet and Spicy ~ it is excellent!